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Chinese Cover People
  Annie’s Interview

Wang Bingning ’s Biography

Dream and Pursuit

I feel like a thorn bird from afar, that stays in the tree just to chirp the better. I feel also like a bird following the setting sun, witnessing the fluttering dreams and the rosy clouds. I want to touch this piece of sky once more, being trenched in the sweat, to have another taste of the sweet of success.

Quotation from the journal of Wang Ningbing’s visit to the United States


A woman who loves fine arts, movie & TV. A female reporter, screenwriter and director who’s full of love for life and ambition for future. As a screenwriter and director, “affection” has penetrated throughout my TV works for my
life. I love my job with true feelings. Films that my created reflected true feelings, and thus moved the audience. A profession full of love for my life and devotion to the future. My career experience to a soothing lyric, and a charming and colorful picture of scenery.

I came from Kaifeng City of Henan Province, an ancient Chinese city with sweet memories and sweet feelings. There always appear in my memory the long and narrow small lane, the winding corridor and the garden where the windows are clung with morning glories and other flowers. I described my hometown like this in my prose: there grew the pomegranate, the loofah clung to the wall while its vines intertwined and crept on the wooden grids. Under the sunshine, the shadows are scattered on the ground like the color stains on the texture, which reveals a touch of ancient memory. The shadows of the beautiful loofah flowers and its tender boughs are dancing with the breeze for long, long time unknown. The loofah flowers are dancing their way toward you with the flowers joining together. You pick a pomegranate fruit and cut it, you can see the grains of it. The shadow comes and dances away with the memory of the past. The water is gone. The flower is gone. What is staying is only the poem with tracks of the sun and the moon. The home town in the dreams is always bristled with the cooking smoke and remains in the dreams of childhood like the old pictures.

With the talent and love for fine art, I entered Henan University studying fine arts. The passionate days of college were spent with the company of Chinese and foreign literatures such as Dream of the Red Mansion and Scarlet Letter. After graduation, with expectation for the future, I luckily found the job in Henan Pingdingshan TV station, working as a journalist in the News Dept. There she worked from the bottom till she could finally and independently interview for news, and became an excellent reporter in the station. In the times of interviewing and reporting, I mastered the skills required of a journalist. My most prominent achievement was the six-episode special report series of the dramatic change of Pingdingshan, during which time she was working as a tour journalist and reported and filmed on the site of a key national project. When the series was broadcasted, they received great popularity. The special report Days of Women produced and directed by her was awarded by the TV station for its touching feeling and singular style.

Maturity and achievement did not blind my from further pursuit. I came to the top school of TV business Beijing Broadcasting Institute to further my study, and then to Beijing Film Institute to study directing. I again revealed my talent in directing in my graduation project. I rewrote and scripted Xiao Hong’s masterpiece Back Garden and directed the shooting of the play. The short movie of this famous Chinese female writer’s novel won great comments. It was for this satisfactory movie that she scored the invitation of CCTV. When the producers of CCTV Channel 6 Movie Channel watched this movie, they highly appreciated the exquisite graphic effect and artistry in shooting. I won the favor of the producers by my singular talent, and finally got the job as graphic art supervisor for the movie channel. Under my supervision, the program was more particular about the artistry of pictures, and the level of the program was generally upgraded.

When I started working as a journalist and director and editor. I creatively finished a lot of projects in the CCTV. In 2004 she joined the group of TV for All of Us, of which the most memorable to me is the filming for special programs for Chinese New Year, which made my feel my responsibility of the workers in TV business. The shooting of this program lasted for two months and they trod the soil of every corner of China from the winter of North to the summer of the South, from both sides of the Yellow River. I viewed the innocent faces of the children, beautiful lasses, simple and honest men, hard working women, from the look of which I got in touch with the brotherhood, friendship and love as well as the innocence of heart of the common folks. The shooting was a exhausting job, yet it was loaded with the touches of heart. I was very proud of myrself for being in the TV business and impressed by this pilgrim of heart. When the show was aired, great popularity was excited.

In 2005
,I got the job as the director of the program New West Project of CCTV, as a special report for the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. I kept in company with the director of the Administration Mr. Wang Taihua, Vice Director of the Administration Zhang Haitao, and officials of the National Development and Reform Committee and Financial Agency to inspect the status of the peasants in the back-out of the mountainous Guangxi Province receiving the Television broadcasting. I interviewed a lot of peasants, fishermen, in a lot of places from Beihai to Nanning, till the mountainous border between China and Vietnam, and reported in depth the situation in Guangxi, and made the voice of the peasants and fishermen heard. The special documentary Special program---TV affection of the Mountain and Sea was aired in CCTV1 and received vast attention and popularity from the public.

During this span of time, much was sowed and much was reaped as well. There were so many times that I was working along in the small study writing, and typing before the computer, and so many times I was editing the tapes along in the studio, without being able to take a break even in weekends. So many times when deep in the night and everything is still, I walked out of studio for home, with just few people on the streets rushing home and the lamp on the sides of the road as my company. And so many time, in the rain, along and desolate, stamping on the fallen leaves on the ground, winding and thinking, I passed one after another night along.

Since 2006, as a dream dead long ago maybe, by my talent and the accumulation of more than a decade of experience and my love for this business, I got the invitation to film in San Diego, California, United States. I interviewed the highest executive commander Mr. Robert, the president of the hockey stadium, top businesses and science companies of the United States, famous zoos and tourist sites. The special documentary of Beautiful San Diego was aired in CCTV and brought the sight of a foreign country to the Chinese public.

I wrote with a touch of feeling in my prose: San Diego, the vast vista of sea and harbor, colored lamps and tourist boats, green trees and red flowers, all of which set deep impression in my mind. Especially when the sun is setting, the rosy clouds floats over the sea, with the bridge flying across, when my camera is zooming in for the setting sun and objects around, a bevy of birds are flying in the sunshine. And also there is a plane flying, all these were captured by my camera. They are not flying across the sky but are flying in my zoom, like a heart with wings of freedom and expectation flying in my dreams, racing in the rosy sky. When you are seeing all these, how happy you are! It is a beautiful dream I want to pursue till it comes true!

Can you feel and understand the America dream of me,? I wish my dream will come true!


Writen by Wang Bingning

March,27 ,2007 In Spring

Los Angeles



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