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 Cover People
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          Los Angeles
                    Lisha Wang
                    Andy Fan
                    John Hong
                    Maggie Chen
                    Allan Chen
                    Fangling Liu
                    Jason Wang
               Real Estate-Realtor
                    John Zhong
                    Martial Arts
                         Long Zhu
                         Huili Sun
                         Cici Hu
               New York
          New York
 Chinese Business
     Famous Restaurant
          Kinghua restaurant
          Orchid Garden Restaurant
          Teppan Steak House
          Historic Mayfair Hotel
          Best Western-Markland Hotel
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          Jack Framing
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Chinese Cover People
  Annie’s Interview

About Outstanding Chinese in the U.S
Descendants of the Chinese Dragon & Chinese Phoenix legend

This is a particular focus of overseas outstanding Chinese cover story.
Each person has their own story, They have been to America to learn, live, have a career, pursue dreams and hopes. They are intelligent, smart, work hard in the United States. They have achieved remarkable success in their work.
We will show overseas Chinese life styles, careers, dreams, their hope, their pursuit, and their dedication to their communities. This includes video of television documentaries, character interviews, biographical stories, personal photo albums, and a digital, high-quality, and comprehensive 360 degree point of view. All of this demonstrates overseas Chinese life style, career, dreams, hopes, pursuit, and dedication to their communities. Click each individual image to launch their photo albums, watch their video, read their stories. You can see every Chinese individual’s personaility and their experiences in their own lives. You can see their enterprising spirit, find their success and their cause to encourage each other among the Chinese around the world.
The world's Chinese portal is brilliant and dazzling, and is dedicated to the world of Chinese culture.We are willing to work with overseas Chinese and every Chinese around the world to build our spiritual home and to describe descendants of the Dragon and Phoenix legend.
We are focused on the overseas Chinese life and career pursuits combined with art, which is dedicated to the overseas Chinese people.


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